Hello ! We’re looking for a passionate, multi-talented Concept Artist to join our team! we have multiple projects on the go, and one of them needs some additional artistic power.

The ideal candidate has a passion for creating great environments, and for games in general. They are eager to collaborate closely with a very small, yet very dedicated cross-disciplinary team, and ideally will posses the following skills :

* Strong passion for creating beautiful, atmospheric, unique and unforgettable environments
* Strong traditional art and painting skills.
* Extended experience and knowledgeable with a drawing and visual editing software : Photoshop, Painttool SAI or similar.
* Highly creative
* Possesses a strong artistic interpretative ability within the context of a particular art style and gameplay
* Fast learner and will respond well when tasked to artistic endeavours not familiar with which will put your learning skill to test.
* Cares a lot about game feel and collaboration
* Loves to play games
* Excelent researching and reference gathering skills

Pluses if you have :

* Experience with texture creation programs
* Environment layout / modeling experience
* Lighting or photography experience
* The ability to speak english fantastically well.

And here are a few firm requirements to consider :

* You must either be living near Timisoara , or willing to relocate to Timisoara. This position is not open to remote work.
* You must be very collaborative, open to direct feedback and comfortable with art-abandoning changes, while following art directions well
* You create things. It could be a commercial piece, an exploration of a visual imaginative piece you’ve always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter. We simply require that you show us what you’re constantly creating, for any reason – personal and/or professional.

To apply for the position, please send an email to vlad /at/ manacoregames dot com with the subject line “Concept Artist Application”. Please include your resume in the body of the email, as well as links to your portfolio, and/or a link to any personal work. Please try not to include any file attachments. We’ll handle it from there !